Saturday, March 28, 2015

35mm: Ennum Eppozhum

                                                              Ennum Eppozhum

As we come out of the movie, we would feel the title refers to the actor director-combination. Mohan lal - Sathyan Anthikad combo has always churned out memorable movies. This one is not one of their best outings but delivers most of what the ‘brand’ promises.

Mohan lal as usual has given a superlative performance. His impeccable comic timing, screen presence exuding grace and charm, we malayaalees are indeed lucky to have him. Though the story revolves around Manju Warrier’s character, her role doesn't have enough meaty situations to bring out her best.

Sathyan Anthikad’s world is full of ‘basically good’ people. There are no evil characters. Flawed, yes. But never outright evil. So it was kind of surprising to see the buildup given for THE  villain. I even had a couple of names in my head as to who would play that role. But then who am I kidding! The villain is given a name and just looms in the background as the epitome of all evil and never shows up. Don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining. It did sync well with the general feel of the movie.

The turn of events seem a lot contrived and the characters very much clich├ęd and not that well written. But Lalettan's histrionics and the general feel goodness makes it worth a watch.