Tuesday, February 11, 2014

35mm: Om Shanthi Oshana

                                            Om Shanti Oshana

It would not have been no less apt if the title of the movie was “oh Nazriya oh”. She is just super cute and carries the entire movie on her shoulders. Her character requires her to walk on the thin line separating hamming and being cute and she delivers with panache. Her innocence is so charming that when we come out of the movie hall we are left to wonder if this movie would have worked with any other current heroine at the helm.

Jude Anthany Joseph has to be applauded for the courage to tell the simple love story of his debut movie from the girl’s perspective. The entire movie is laced with feel goodness and spiced with witty one-liners and so the flaws in characterization or goof ups regarding medical education set up – an intern having viva exam, being tutored on first year subjects etc – can be easily forgiven. The new crop of actors has given a decent performance and Vinod Illampally’s cinematography has gifted some stunning visuals.

It’s heartening to see new original ideas of story-telling being tried and the bar of standard being raised in Malayalam movies.