Wednesday, December 25, 2013

35mm: Oru Indian Pranayakadha

Sathyan Anthikad's Oru Indian Pranayakadha is a one time watch. Fahad Fazil gives an impressive performance. He proves that it is not just the new generation movies that he can handle. He plays an ambitious politician who believes in taking short cuts to success, a trademark Sathyan Anthikad hero. How his life changes after agreeing to help a Canadian Malayali girl forms the story.

First half is really entertaining and has drawn a hilarious caricature on today's political scenario among youth. But as the plot thickens in the second half, the director seem to be confused as to what story thread to focus  on and as a result, audience lose interest. Predictable and familiar characters doesn't help either.

 Amala Paul is not just a pretty face,but can act as well and has given a good performance and so has Innocent in his small role.

But we expect more from Sathyan Anthikad. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

35mm: Drishyam

What a movie! Very few movies evoke such a response in our mind when we come out of the movie hall. Drishyam is one such movie. Thank you, the entire cast and crew for giving us such an awesome experience!

   Drishyam is just like a very big layer cake and as we dig deeper, each layer gets better and better. The first half was really engaging and such fun that during interval I was skeptical as to how it would be better in the second half. And i was expecting the plot to take twists and turns inspired from very many Hollywood movies. I have never been this happy to be proven wrong regarding a movie!

The pace is very well maintained and each scene is so gripping that often many among the audience, including me, had to control applauding so as not to miss a moment on the screen. 
All the actors have given incredible performances and Kalabhavan Shajon is a revelation. His acting potential has remained untapped till now.

Mohanlal!! No superlatives would be enough. Even if it was somebody else as the lead actor, it would have been a great movie. But now, Georgekutty will remain in our minds for years to come. Thank you Laletta..

Hats off Jeethu Joseph!