Sunday, September 8, 2013

Short story: The Girl and The Coffee



Finally, after what felt like an entire Kramnik- Vishwanath Anand world series, the professor wrapped up his take on ‘exam relevant urology’ and gave his best wishes for our exam. I gathered my books and walked towards the door. I would be passing Her on the way. My heart started picking up pace in anticipation of getting a ‘smile’ from her. Eight hours of high- intensity class and am finally fully awake! She is sitting near the door and is still arranging her things. If I slow down a bit then I can reach her when she is getting up and can let her into the queue and be beside her. But at our respective paces I would already be in my room sleeping by the time she gets up from her seat.

 Like they have shown in countless number of movies, to buy some time, I bent down to tie my shoe laces but realised am wearing sandals. But I improvised, made it look like am picking up my pen and let some guys go ahead of me. (Cool! I should get into movies.) But that was not enough. She was still arranging her bag when I got near her (does she have her whole room in that bag! Ok its fine. Call her by her name. Say ‘hi’) I shifted to ‘slow motion’ while passing her. I tried to call her but could only open my mouth and realised, I forgot how to speak. But might be that we have some divine connection, she looked up. (Divine my arse! That’s luck. Now at least say hi) I tried again. I could feel my eyebrows moving in some distorted fashion. Thankfully the crowd pushed me away from her before she would suspect am having a seizure or something. But before I turned my face away, I saw her give a semi-smile. You know, when one cheek is up in smile and the other cheek is still deciding. Or was it the pity smile? Am pathetic! Am going to die alone!

I came out of the building. Many had already come out. But they were all couples. Ok not all of them. But there were many. Some were talking to each other. Some were just smiling. I know they weren’t but I felt they were smiling at me. Why not? I can’t even speak to a girl I like, let alone ask her out. Loser! I was walking along the pavement. I looked back. No signs of her. The next class would be after five days. She’s hot! She can easily meet someone in those five days. She can even get married! (Nooo!! She can’t. However slow she is, she would have to come out eventually. Walk slow) I went in to ‘slow motion’ mode again. But where is she? Should I go back and check? But won’t that look too desperate? Well, I am. But even when you are desperate, you ought to keep some standards. (Really!) I checked once more. There she is! Oh! She looks so beautiful! Who am I kidding? She looks hot! But she is beautiful. Beautiful and hot! Oh god, u created me this pathetic. Now is your chance to make it up to me. Make her propose to me. Do something!

I checked again. She really was there. So it wasn’t my imagination. (Just wait for her. Let her get near you.) I stood next to a lamp pole and turned towards her direction. She was walking towards me. I wish this was at the aisle and not the road. (Focus!) She saw me. (Think. What are you going to say to her?) She is just a couple of feet from me. Even for exam vivas my lips haven’t gone this dry. I kept looking at her. She had a kind of ‘dude, are you gonna do a public strip?’ look on her face. (Smile. Say something) I smiled but her face still retained the same expression. (Say something!)

“Hi, I couldn’t leave without saying a bye.” I felt so much pride. I spoke! Smooth! And she smiled back at me (Bravo!) she continued walking. I walked along with her, of course. Well, now I don’t know what to say next. More importantly she didn’t reply with a ‘bye’.
“It was pretty draining” I felt it was better to say something about the just concluded class than asking about her hobbies or weather or todays lunch. Oh, I could have complimented her dress. Damn! Why didn’t I think of that?
She looked at me confused, “sorry?”
“Oh.  the class. From morning, till evening. It’s really draining.” I managed. Why didn’t I just compliment her?
“Ya. Ya. It is. Towards the end I couldn’t concentrate at all” she replied. Wind was playing with her hair and she tucked a particular restless strand behind her ear. That looked so cute!
I debated in my head whether to say “I could only concentrate on you.” But decided not to. We reached the turn of road towards my room. (C’on ask her out for a coffee)

“I would have to take this road” I said pointing toward the road. (COFFEE!)
“Oh”, she nodded. “So, see you in next class then.”
I started feeling heavy on my chest. So that’s it. So my never ending saga of loneliness continues (she is still in front of you. COFFEE!) What am I afraid of? What am I gonna lose anyway? What’s the big deal? The girl whom I had a crush on in high school is getting married in a month to someone who had the guts to ask her out. Don’t let history repeat itself. It’s just coffee. As someone once said, ‘when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.’ But how is that connected to the current situation? Oh crap! FOCUZ! 
“Ahm. Uhh. How about, ahm, a coffee? Not if you are really busy or anything.” There it is. I did it. It’s just so relieving. Now I can go back to my room without that nagging regret. Phew..
She looked at me. She glanced at the road and then back at me, “ok. Where should we go?”
Wait! What! Really!
I am going on a date!
My first date!

                                     ******couple of hours later******

I always thought the coffee I would have on my first date with a girl to be the best ever till then in my life. But now, I don’t remember the coffee being served, or how it tasted. Well, when you are on your first date, it doesn’t really matter.

                                                                                                                                     -Joe Abraham

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